New Music: New Shack – Ways and Means

  • New Music: New Shack - Ways and Means

New Shack is Cat Leavy and Eric Robertson, an American synthwave duo based in Provo, Utah. On new single Ways And Means they follow an eccentric path to making pop, with a track the deviates from the norms but still remains memorable, catchy and fun.

With vocals and synths that seem to veer into dreampop at times and a woozily irregular rhythm, Ways And Means keeps the listeners attention, as lyrics cascade in to the listeners consciousness and the arrangement gently and at times erratically sways along – probably a bit like love itself. It’s certainly the first love song I’ve heard that contains a death threat as it captures the times love and madness can be two sides of the same coin.

Ways And Means is out now via Little Assembly, streaming on Spotify and will also feature on the band’s upcoming fourth album, also to be called Ways And Means. You can keep up to date with the band’s activities via their website (linked above), Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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