NKOS is the epitome of internationalism. Singer/songwriter Nancy Natali was born in Australia but grew up in Geneva and Rome, producer Flavio Manieri moved between Poland and Italy, meeting producer and DJ Chris Shape in the latter country.  Add Paris-based stoner-psych-rock guitarist Marcus Billeri to the mix, you get music like BOW (Brave Old World).

Nancy Natali’s vocals have that blend of fire and emotion that make Shirley Manson of Garbage such an essential listening experience. Natali takes an understated approach to her performance on this indie-electro-rock hybrid of a song. Namechecking Salvador Allende lets you know this is no ordinary song, which adds to its beguiling, but powerful sound.

BOW (Brave Old World) can be streamed via all major digital outlets. Catch up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find out about them and their music. The song is out now via Beatbuzz Records.