Australian Gold Coast producer and vocalist Noella Nix has followed up her successful Bad Things EP with another perfect electro stormer in the form of Closing In. The track takes the form of a ballad, but twists the format to giddy emotional heights, as you can hear below.

Nix’s vocals have a rich, powerful and raw edge, which is perfectly in sync with the production and arrangement, as the voice and melodies soar higher and higher, taking the listener through a real emotional journey.

Noella Nix and producer Brad Hosking of Blindboy Studios seem to have an almost telepathic understanding of how to bring the best out in each other’s work, and with Closing In they can claim to have created a power ballad for the modern age.

Closing In is out now, you can find out more about streaming and downloading the track here, and is also the leading single from her forthcoming EP, which is due out early 2018.