Copenhagen based singer/songwriter Noemi Caro has a background that saw her spending her childhood in Denmark and the Dominican Republic, a contrast she says had an effect on the gothic RNB hybrid that is her debut single Don’t.

There’s a wonderful sense of melodrama to Don’t, its fulsome orchestration lending proceedings an air of overwhelming passion and doomy dominance.

It heightens the suspense as it builds, the percussion becoming more martial, the tone more ominous and brooding; leading the listener down a path where the emotional intensity eventually reaches delirious fever pitch.

Caro herself provides much of humanity in Don’t as at times her vocals come across as if she is fighting through some immense hurt or damage to her emotional fibre.

At times it sounds like she comes close to breaking but uses the natural power and presence in her voice to triumph – she may be broken for now but she will survive and thrive.

Caro had this to say about the recording process and how her personal feelings affected her performance: “I wrote the song at a time where I was very depressed and was half crying while recording it, so I ended up using the demo vocals, because, the pain in my voice would be hard to duplicate, on a good day.”

Don’t is out now via Calabasas Records and is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.