New Music: Noy – Dazed In The Night

  • New Music: Noy - Dazed In The Night

New York based Noy caught the attention of the people at National Geographic with her unique and chilled sound and it’s rather obvious to see how! She styles herself as a singer/songwriter, creating ‘music with a modern pop twist’ as she puts it. Citing influences ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Amy Winehouse; she fuses those inspirations to induce a mellow euphoria in the listener. Here’s her latest track Dazed In The Night.

Noy says that while growing up in Israel she ‘began to witness the powerful magic of music and instantly became drawn to its universal quality of bringing people together’. She adds that music has touched her life in such a positive way and that ‘she wishes to inspire and open doors within the minds of her listeners’.

It certainly inspired the NatGeo organisation as they’ve used Dazed In The Night as the music for the Falling In Love segment of their 10 Days of Genius promo clips.

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