New Music: Null State – The Clock Has Crashed

  • New Music: Null State - The Clock Has Crashed

Washington state musician Null State is a bit of a mystery to us, with no real bio to speak of, though he has been playing gigs in his home state recently, with more to come. Previously recording under the name Lost Integrity, he’s been in his new guise since 2015 and is warming up for a new album by releasing The Clock Has Crashed.

There’s a blissful feel to the song, there’s no other way to describe it. With some tonal references to Muse and psychedelia you’d be expecting a raucous affair, but it takes a very different turn.

The vocals feel minimal and cyclical, as if there only to provide some colour while the samples add a nostalgic, unsettling feel. But the music just soothes and reassures, ebbing and flowing like lake waves breaking on the shore until abruptly – it stops.

The Clock Has Crashed is out now via 2060 (a label which aims to showcase local Washington artists) and there’s a rather cool 16mm video to accompany the song. There’ll be an album sometime this year so be sure to keep an eye on the Null State Facebook page  for more news.

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