New Music: NYSSA – Champion of Love

  • New Music: NYSSA - Champion of Love

Canadian producer and singer NYSSA describes her sound as ‘sequin-encrusted beats and powerhouse vocals’, and it’s fuelled by a love of retro musical genres, a blend of reverence for the past and precocious talent that can turn them in to something exciting and new, like on current single Champion of Love.

The opening old-school hip-hop beats tricks the listener before the song goes on a glorious musical joyride, drawing in strands of power-pop, punk, soul, glam, disco, and Siouxie era goth to embroider layers of erotic eccentricity with an enticing sense of sensual danger.

Nyssa’s vocals are in turn fearsome and fey, like a warrior queen on the prowl for conquest. There’s a raw power to Champion of Love that overpowers you, even though you probably know better as you won’t escape its grasp so easily.

Champion of Love is out now and is the title track from Nyssa’s debut EP which is also available now, currently streaming on Spotify – you can find more information on how to stream and download the song here.

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