New Music: O Future – Stay

  • New Music: O Future - Stay

O Future (previously known as OOFJ) is the stunning creative outlet for a Los Angeles based duo which sees Dane Jens Bjornkjaer and South African Katherine Mills marry neo-gothic drama with stirring soundscapes, as you can hear on new track Stay.

Bleak and beautiful, rather like the accompanying video, Mills’ voice feels like it is full of loss and rage, as if it has lost its freedom and is forced to obey the laws of nature, but then breaks free occasionally to soar and sear in equal measure.

The tempo adds to the sense of drama, filmic but with a human heart, evoking memories of the likes of Ken Russell or Dario Argento in its wild, panoramic perversity and its sense of foreboding, enticing menace.

Like an opera for the damned, Stay will scare and seduce you – and probably leave you not knowing the difference between the two.

Katherine Mills had this to say about the song, and her musical inspiration: “I have a very intimate relationship with time. I’m preoccupied with avoiding it. If I opened my eyes to the reality of it or dealt with it like a normal person I think my heart would break.  Time is terrible. That is why i can’t stop going near it.”

Stay can also be streamed on Spotify and is available on iTunes. You can find out more about the band and the music on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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