Odd Relics is the musical project of Florida-based producer, multi-instrumentalist (as well as drummer for Yuno and one half of LANNDS) Brian Squillace. There’s some similarity with Yuno on display here, but Squillace takes elements of those building blocks and constructs something quite different on Matrimony.

With its layered vocals and dreampop meets early New Order nuances, the song has a light, hazy sound that nevertheless has an inner steel to it. Warm and open sonically, the arrangement allows the lyrics to breathe then take centre stage.

Using the subtle synth hooks and the unimposing yet effective repetition of the lyrics, Squillace gradually builds up the emotion in the track without overwhelming the listener, imparting their message as if talking to an old friend.

Squillace opened up about some of the motivation that led to the lyrics on the track: ‘Matrimony is a song I wrote about the existential battle i had with myself that resulted in a marriage proposal. Throughout my life, I obsess over my art, and what I perceive as success. I chase it to an unhealthy degree, and when I fall short, I’m stuck analyzing what I have – and the one constant has been my relationship. It was a really powerful epiphany to realize that no matter what kind of pressure I put on myself, I am loved. I wanted to capture that feeling, let go of expectations, and live more freely.’

Matrimony is out now; to find details on how to stream or download the song, head over to Odd Relic’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook socials.