I’m a great fan of the dark side when it comes to music, with dense electronica, pagan folk and black metal being particular weaknesses. When I heard Fucked Up Inside by OKADA it was like all my blackest birthdays had come at once!

There’s a great deception at the heart of the song. A cursory listen gives the impression of minimal movement or progression in the epic twelve minutes duration of the piece, but like a deal with the Devil, or the workings of the mind, you need to dig deep to discover the real complexity within that Fucked Up Inside that seeks to overwhelm you.

Music designed to be listened to, lost in and absorbed, the rich if occasionally dissonant piano and string sections act as a unifying force between the various movements, creating a classical architecture in which the listener can wander – and wonder – about this beautifully baroque creation.

Fucked Up Inside is released via Oakland’s n5md and features on the Life is but an Empty Dream album. You can stream the latter on Spotify, with information on other streaming and downloading options to the found on official OKADA Facebook page.

OKADA (aka Gregory Pappas) was previously known to the music world as ZXYZXY.