In the leadup to their new EP, Ora The Molecule have released the single A Piece Of Heaven as a very delicious taster – watch the stunning tableaux and scenes that make up the video and prepare to be entranced.

Singer Nora is originally from Oslo and you can still pick that up in the Scandinavian lilt to her vocals. Fresh yet with a worldweary tone, her delivery reinforces the message of the lyrics. The arrangement dwells on a duality of pop hooks and and purposeful basslines, as if to underline the lyrical message that freedom can be won by having the confidence to take risks.

Nora had this to say about A Piece Of Heaven: “This song is an attempt to fight social anxiety. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote ‘Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.’ It takes courage to share yourself and the song is an attempt to motivate you to share your thoughts and create stories in yours and other people’s lives. The lyrics advocate that you can create heaven on earth if you decide to and not to be afraid of taking the first step towards it.”

A Piece Of Heaven is out now, for details on streaming the track, and news about the Sugar EP be sure to head over to the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram socials.

The video for the track was shot & directed by Nüesch Sisters.