Their roots are European, but it was a visit to America by Norwegian lead singer Nora that led to the formation of Ora The Molecule along with Sju from Slovakia and Jan from Germany. Following on from their well-received debut single Sugar the band have dropped another track from their upcoming EP in the form of slow banger Samurai – have a listen, you’ll like it

The club feel to the song is present, but not obtrusively upfront, the subtle background vocal samples and warm bass line reminiscent of a Café del Mar sunrise smash. The band are now based in Malaga, which may explain some of that chilled euphoria.

Evocative of times past but not stuck there, it brings a fresh, more grounded and at times more rock-oriented spin to a sound that could otherwise have been an exercise in pleasant escapism.

“The lyrics to Samurai came as a spark from something I read in the NY times” Nora explains, “It was an article showcasing drawings made from a woman imprisoned in Syria.

She had portrayed her roommates in the prison, describing their characters and how the prison environment had affected their psyche over time. It made her think of the limited time we have in a life and how devastating it must be if it feels like your time has been taken away.

It further made me think of the ‘biological clock’ that is often referred speaking of women, that they have some sort of less ‘time’ than men to do what they want before potentially establishing a family.  The lyrics of the song is a blend of these reflections, a nostalgic throwback to what could have been, or was there but was taken away.”

You can pre-order the Sugar EP on Bandcamp, whilst the trio will be playing some gigs and festivals in the coming months – check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out more.