Tryin’ is the debut single from ORIAN (from the Irish for Joey Ryan’s name). An Irish-born, now Berlin-based singer and musician, he has taken inspiration from his own life to change his sound, which has borne fruit with the emotive and relatable Tryin’.

His solo work has taken a different turn, featuring more synths and more pop, but still focussed and immediate. The vocals echo that 70s singer-songwriter sound, with the nuances sometimes inviting comparisons with AOR, other times a more folkish feel. The melody is low key but engaging, the hooks subtle but very in keeping with the message and mood of the lyrics. Though not his first ride in the musical rodeo, Tryin’ showcases his craftmanship, confidence and real talent to a very pleasing and pleasurable degree.

ORIAN says he has two more singles scheduled for release in September and October 2019, culminating in an EP, before the full length album which is scheduled for release in 2020.

Tryin’  is out now on Spotify and Soundcloud, if you want to keep up with gigs, new music and more from ORIAN, give him a follow on Twitter or Facebook.