Orions Belte is Norwegian trio Øyvind Blomstrøm (on guitar and pedal steel), Chris Holm (on bass, vocals, and keyboards), and Kim Åge Furuhaug (on drums and programming.) They’ve teamed up with fellow Norwegian artist Shikoswe on Conversations. Watch the video for the song below.

The song is a glimpse into the sounds that will form the basis of their sophomore album and feels like a voyage around the world in a few minutes. Psychedelia, high life, bossa nova, and vintage indie guitar music gradually come into play as the song weaves its delicious spell on the listener. Shikoswe and Chris Holm add a vibrant vocal sparkle to the song, bringing a hint of schoolyard rhythms to an already enchanting track.

Conversations is out now on Jansen Records. You can listen to the song on Bandcamp and Apple Music – follow this link for other streaming options. Be sure to check the band out over on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, where you can discover more about Orions Belte.