New Music: Owen Ragland – Wild Things

  • New Music: Owen Ragland - Wild Things

Wild Things is the premier song and video by 16-year-old prodigy producer Owen Ragland, and has been cited as a prime example of Ragland’s realised potential. Ragland started playing the piano at age 3 and composing his own music at age 5, and describes himself as a lover of downtempo and jazz, blending his influences together to create a universe of lush chords and deep-house tribal rhythms, of which Wild Things is a prime cut.

The motif ridden kaleidoscopic flow of the visuals perfectly complements the song’s structure and movement. ‘I always felt like the song took me to a different universe, I wanted the video to capture that.’ says Ragland. Shot and edited by Ragland and a few of his friends, he says Wild Things is 100% Owen Ragland both sonically and visually.

The track features on his recently released of his debut album Soul Searcher, Wild Things serves as a proper introduction to his musical journey.

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