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Our blog is curated by the AT team, with a select group of friends and music aficionados also contributing content. Driven by the same passions as the label, we aim to give some much-deserved publicity and promotion to music and artists that can otherwise go uncovered and indeed, undiscovered by the more mainstream, trend driven press.

For us, the blog is a platform to showcase and celebrate the creativity and vision of musicians, artists and bands that we love, whilst giving us another opportunity to support new or emerging bands and artists as much as possible.

We hope you find something you like.

Latest Posts //

New Music: Vessels – Mobilise

Mobilise is the opening track and third cut to be taken from Vessels’ new album The Great Distraction, which is due for release on 29 September via Different Recordings. It’s a monster of a track; techno and acid stylings combining with the group’s math rock leanings to produce something quite brilliant and unique.

By |August 23rd, 2017|

New Music: Oceanlux – Madness

Daisy Draper (vocals) and Brandon Weaver (music) are Oceanlux. Hailing from Indiana in America, the duo creates a bittersweet form of electropop, with Draper’s rich voice an instrument in its own right. Musically they use a similar palette to acts like Halsey and Phantogram, but as can be seen on their latest release Madness they create a sound that is melancholic, danceable and all their own.

By |August 23rd, 2017|

New Music: Three Laws – Road To Rome

Three Laws are Adam Relf and Louise Gold. Their sound is dark and atmospheric, weaving together haunting vocals with cinematic soundscapes, classical piano and dramatic percussion. After a brief hiatus, the duo re back with a new single called Road To Rome, which sees Gold’s vocal glide imperiously over a track that feature orchestral sweeps and electronic beats.

By |August 22nd, 2017|

New Music: French Horn Rebellion – Presentation

French Horn Rebellion is comprised of siblings Robert Perlick-Molinari, former member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra and David Perlick-Molinari, producer of The Knocks, MGMT. Together they are also the masterminds behind Brooklyn studio, YouTooCanWoo. They combine their talents and vision to make a truly distinct and modern brand of indie-funk with an irreverent pop twist on tracks liked current release Presentation.

By |August 22nd, 2017|

New Music: Men I Trust – Tailwhip

Montreal trio Men I Trust have followed up their 2016 release Headroom with another slice of the sophisticated indie electro – a sound they describe as ‘soft dance’ – in the form of Tailwhip. Named after the BMX trick, Tailwhip is a chilled and classy song that talks about the band’s recent move back to Montreal.

By |August 22nd, 2017|

New Music: Cosmo V – Forever

Moluccan-Dutch artist Cosmo V has released a new single called Forever – it’s a slow, brooding number with sombre electronic sounds melting in to the chiming guitar licks that wouldn’t be amiss on a Tarantino soundtrack or a Cocteau Twins album. It’s half-spoken, half-sung intro gives the song a cinematic feel and when combined with the video creates an entrancing but unsettling piece of work.

By |August 21st, 2017|

New Music: Elohim and Whethan – Sleepy Eyes

Elohim’s Sleepy Eyes sees the Los Angeles artist/producer collaborate with Chicago-bred/newly LA-based producer Whethan on a track that is a sweet summer sensation, complete with sing-song vocals and bouncy bass line that really brings an airy brightness to an almost tropical sound.

By |August 21st, 2017|

New Music: Anna of the North – Money

Anna of the North have followed up the cracking singles Lovers and Someone with Money, another infectious alt-pop gem from the Norwegian-Kiwi duo.  The track builds on and exceeds the idiosyncratic synthpop style that has already garnered them so much attention.

By |August 20th, 2017|

New Music: M R Bennett – Home

M.R. Bennett’s Home is a beautiful, fragile work, a blend of folk like homilies and classical phrasing, taking the listener of a low key yet emotion journey. As Bennett simply puts it the track is about ‘A man. Lost. Trying to get home. Back to his love. His home’.

By |August 20th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 20.08.17

This week has mainly been about work and sleep (or the lack of it) and listening to lots of new music for the blog, the radio station and new releases of bands I like. One track that excited me was tonite -the new track from LCD Soundsystem. It sent me off on a tangent and got me thinking about how we listen to music, as I’ve been telling people that it reminds me of Headhunter from Front 242, but no one else hears that. That’s probably because I’m basing the comparison on a few seconds of bass line, not the actual song itself. That particular bit of the track resonates with me, triggers memories and makes me experience the song in a different way to other people. It’s one of the things that makes music such a personal experience I guess, we take our preferences, histories and emotions and filter the work of musicians through them. It can make a song what we want to hear, not always what it actually is, which must be hard for musicians at times. Speaking of musicians, on with the weekly roundup!

By |August 20th, 2017|
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