New Music: Patawawa – Patagonia

I have to admit, I struggled to think of bands or musicians from Matlock, drawing a blank other than Ben Ottewell of Gomez. That’s sure to change as the rarified electro funk of Patawawa is bound to raise the town’s musical profile, as the trio recently dropped a cracking new single called Patagonia.

Rory Lovatt, Sam Wilmot and Beth Garrett capture the bubbly and bright side of electro and funk, with the light and airy vocals playfully duelling with some of the cheekiest yet sensual synths this side of Paisley Park.

With hints of the Jackson 5 and Jamiroquai as well as the aforementioned Prince influences, Patagonia is more classic in vibe than retro; and it’s a sound that is certain to win them new fans.

Patagonia is out now, streaming on Spotify as well as other digital platforms, and will feature on the band’s upcoming Bedroom EP, which will come out via France’s rather wonderful Splinter label on 26th January. You can find out more about how to stream and download the EP here.

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