We featured PATHS in our Weekly Roundup back in January and said then that we thought she had a bright future. She’s certainly fulfilling that promise with the double release of Right Beside You and Last One Standing. Though it is a digital release PATHS has earmarked the tracks as the A and B sides respectively, a conceit I thoroughly approve of!

The tracks were written in the same time period as the previously released Neoprene and form part of a musical triptych. PATHS explains the three songs as follows:

“I wanted to get three tracks out in a short timeframe to give listeners a full taste of my sound and felt that a single followed quickly by an A/B was the best route. ‘Neoprene‘, ‘Right Beside You‘ and ‘Last One Standing‘, were written and produced in close succession and although different in sound, are all a lyrical reflection of relationship challenges.”

The tracks musically are quite different; Last One Standing has a very Scandinavian vibe to it, but with darker lyrical overtones and the use of looped guitars gives it a chilled ambiance. On Right Beside You the same techniques are used to create a more upbeat tune, despite the sparing use of icy synth stabs. Played consecutively along with Neoprene the three songs very much tell a story, but I’m not going to spoil that for you. What I will say though is that PATHS is very much the complete package: a great singer and musician with a strong and unique vision.

Last One Standing and Right Beside You are both out now; available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and to stream via Spotify.