New Music: PEAKES – Waves

Leeds based deep-groove pop group PEAKES’ newly released song Waves is the second track from their forthcoming debut EP. It sees the trio of Molly Puckering (vocals), Maxwell Shirley (keyboards) and Pete Redshaw (drums) successfully play about with what is in essence a pop song to give the listener a lot more than the run of the mill chart experience.

Puckering’s vocals are very much the centre of the piece, with their rounded, swooping feel and rich, almost bluesy tones. Underpinning them is a track that takes elements of the current chart sound and inverts them; the sometimes irregular drum patterns and mesmerising synths resulting in Waves having an arty, experimental core underneath the layers of addictive hooks and melodies.

Waves will feature on the band’s upcoming Space EP which will be released later this month via new London label Circadian Rhythms.

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