POLYCHROME by Brooklyn, New York duo PET wife is a conceptual album with a difference. A series of experimental electropop songs based around the colours of the rainbow, a highlight of the album is the upfront electro of .B.L.U.E.

Described as ‘a romantic mantra resolute to survive,’ the song takes some stark, minimal electro sounds and a tight percussion, adding energy through the vocals and interplay between the dynamic elements of the arrangement. You can hear some early house in there, and classic synthpop, but the song is fresh and full of life and modern moments – especially in the lyrics.

The duo had this to say about the POLYCHROME album, “We started with a concept of the rainbow, the 7 colors inherent in what has come to be seen as the queer emblem, we wanted to rethink semiotic staples and loaded symbols. We were really interested in how visual matter is imbued with meaning, what we are conditioned to understand about things… The queer flag is becoming a cause for corporate greed, a bastion signaling acceptability so we too can worship the god of economy… This album has been about resistance and redefinition, about the process of identifying as queer, the pain and joy and power involved in learning and unlearning systems of hierarchy and oppression within our family, community, and ourselves.”

You can catch up with PET wife over on Instagram and Twitter. You can listen to POLYCHROME on Spotify, Bandcamp and other digital services – click here for more listening details.