New Music: Peter Bjorn and John – Gut Feeling

  • New Music: Peter Bjorn and John - Gut Feeling

Though they may have encapsulated a sound and a scene in just one song, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John have over the years created an eclectic and innovative series of albums, with their eighth – Darker Days  –  due out on October 19th.

To tie in with the Pledge Music funded album, the trio have released three singles, each reflecting – as does the album – the band members individual personalities – One for the Team (Peter), Every Other Night (John), and the sublimely stripped down, left field indie of Gut Feeling (Bjorn).

Gut Feeling takes low key, subtle nuances of Americana (possibly inspired by the back story to the song) and combines them with the individualistic indie pop that many associate with the trio; the metronomic rhythm of the percussion leading the initially stark arrangement into more warm, human territory.

As ever there’s a really catchy melody and an innate sense of pop goodness – one that’s at odds with the nature of the lyrics but gives them a poignant and persuasive charm.

As Bjorn says about the track: “The story of Gut Feeling begins at the first gig in the US after our last album, Breakin’ Point. Backstage in the club in Nashville I was waiting for soundcheck and started writing what was to become Gut Feeling, the words came subconsciously: ‘I think we need to talk about it, if we don’t wanna live without it.’ We actually did talk on that tour, and conflicts were resolved. It all became fun again.”

Gut Feeling is out now and along with its sister singles is currently streaming on Spotify. You can find out more about the background to the Darker Days album by checking out the bands Facebook ‘About’ section.

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