Brighton based experimentalists Phoria have kept themselves out of the limelight for a while, but they’ve been busy recording new music to follow up on the success of their critically acclaimed debut album Volition. The wait has been worth it, because they’re recorded some of their best work to date on new track Rrotor.

Working in similar musical territory to acts like Public Service Broadcasting, James Blake and Sigur Ros, the quintet have created a very different, more personal if not reverential sound on Rrotor.

Possessing a sense of baroque grandeur in its complex, rolling layers of organic and electronic sounds, nevertheless it has an emotional simplicity at its core, largely instilled by a beatific vocal performance that’ll send shivers down your spine. Awe-inducing beauty without a hint of bombast, it’s a healing balm for weary, wounded souls.

Rrotor is out now as part of a double release with the equally wonderful When Everything Was Mine,  which you can check out on Soundcloud and Spotify.