Since bursting on to the scene in their native Ireland in 2017, indie-rockers Picture This have quickly hit stadium status there and made inroads in the UK and US. 2020 sees them ready to unveil their third album, which is sure to feature the insanely catchy Winona Ryder.

Rather like the young Winona Ryder herself, the song is full of warmth, emotion, but also a certain quirky charm under its melodic, 90s-film-soundtrack exterior. The lyrics and vocals embody that upside-down (sorry!) and inside-out feel of happy turmoil that accompanies love at first sight. Listen closely to the lyrics and you can pick up references to some of Ryder’s well-known films (and the more cult collaboration with Jim Jarmusch), adding to the sensation that the band has written this from the heart.

Lead vocalist Ryan Hennessy expanded on the background to the song: “I think everybody has experienced that star stuck feeling at least once in their lives. When you meet a celebrity or somebody you really look up to, it almost doesn’t feel real and it sets your heart racing and stomach tumbling and you don’t really know how to act.

Winona Ryder is a song about getting that feeling but not with a celebrity, instead with a girl. This happened at a time where I had given up on love and companionship. I was reminded that it still exists. Someone can unexpectedly walk into your life and turn it upside down in the best way through grace, beauty, and recklessness. Winona Ryder is a celebration of the nervousness and edginess bestowed on you by someone you are in awe of.”

Picture This will be headlining three stadium concerts in Cork, Belfast, and Dublin this June. You can get more details about those over on the band’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Winona Ryder is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Google Play.