New Music: Pixel Grip – Golden Moses

  • New Music: Pixel Grip - Golden Moses

If you like your synth music to be smooth and sophisticated, you need look no further than Pixel Grip and their track Golden Moses. The song blends elements of the motorik sounds of Kraftwerk with the detached sensuality of acts like Ladytron to give the listener an experience that is broody and beautiful.

The duo say they draw from many musical influences, from French Electronica to classic Chicago House, but use the term “goth-disco” to describe their work because they feel it is the best way to describe their “post punk, dark-wave, sonic exploration.” They are currently working on their debut full length LP but until then you can check out more of the music on Soundcloud and Spotify.

The video for Golden Moses was directed by New Trash filmmaking duo Nat Alder and Connor Wiles, produced by Claire Wiles, with cinematography by Stephen Wester and production design by Clarissa Chevalier.

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