With debut album first timer on the way, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl (Liam Brown) is known for his deft and sometimes delicate take on lo fi indie, but on ball’s gonna keep on rollin’ he shows he knows to knock out an upbeat, wryly inspirational pop banger.

Brown’s vocal talents have never been in doubt, but here he lets the power in his voice shine through. The arrangement references a very Big Apple meets the movies milieu. It evokes what Brown himself describes as ‘the smoggy subways of NYC 1973’, with a vibe that wouldn’t be amiss in the soundtrack of Fame or When Harry Met Sally.

With its simultaneous musical undertones of sadness and sophistication, success and failure, the track makes for contradictory but ultimately comforting listening. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, so the song goes. And this homage to The City That Never Sleeps, should certainly hit the mark on that score.

Pizzagirl’s ball’s gonna keep on rollin’ is out now, with information on how to stream and download the song available here. To find out more about the song, the first timer album and upcoming gigs in support of the album, check out his socials including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Photo by Neelam Khan Vela