It’s been a rough few months for Heist or Hit, but they’re still coming up with the goods musically, if the new body biology single by Pizzagirl is anything to go by. Have a listen to the song below.

It’s a hard song to describe, even though it opens as a straight-forward indie-pop singalong number. Catchy, lovable in fact, and a bit twee at times, it slowly becomes something darker, sonically and seemingly lyrically as well. There’s an impressive and incredibly enjoyable genre curveball about 1:45 in that would put Sparks or Freddy Mercury to shame. I can’t work out if the track is camp or not, but it’s certainly fun and that’ll do very nicely indeed for now. I want to hug this song.

Pizzagirl’s body biology is out now with various streaming and downloading options. His first timer album  is due out on October 11th via Heist or Hit, head over to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for more info.

Photo credit: Neelam Khan Vela.