New Music: pizzagirl – highschool

  • New Music: pizzagirl - highschool

Neither pizza nor a girl, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl serves up some delicious and decidedly offbeat musical toppings with his latest single highschool.

With its plaintive vocals, lo fi arrangement and teenage crush lyrics, the track could have ended up as cheesy as a quattro formaggio, but there’s a knowing and fun feel that adds flavour and a bit of bite as it gently ambles along in a style similar to labelmates Her’s.

It comes across as a perfect summation of all the dramas and romantic disasters that befall some of us in those awkward years (not me obviously!) when being single and not being cool were the worst things that could ever happen!

If the UK every made American style high school coming of age films, highschool would be on the soundtrack for sure!

highschool is out now via Heist or Hit and will feature on his upcoming season 2 EP. For more information on that , upcoming  gigs and more be sure to hit him up on his socials including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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