New Music: Plaitum – Ovation

  • New Music: Plaitum - Ovation

Ovation is the first track from Constraint – the debut album from Colchester based act Plaitum.  Matt Canham and Abigail Dersiley create an icy cold love song here, with rousing a chorus and breathy vocals which catches the listener immediately in its cold grasp. Check it out.

With whiffs of a more sombre Purity Ring or Crystal Castles, the band’s powerful sound is sure to gain them a wide following.

Plaitum twist the format of the classic pop song, contorting it into something darker, dirtier and more visceral than we have come to expect in this age of  sanitised and disposable bubblegum chart hits. Ovation is out now, and the Constraint is due to released on 07/04/17 via Wolf Tone Records.

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