It’s not uncommon for people to draw up playlists for background music or more as they work, rest or play. Musicians are no different, and Damion Jurrens of The Cowls recently spoke to us about some of the music that inspired and accompanied on the creative journey that led to the Certain Calculations album, just put out by our good selves.

We asked him to come up with a short but perfectly formed Spotify playlist for us to share with you. We like it and we think you will too, but that’s enough from me, now let’s hear from the man himself.

As a child, in the darkness of the pre-internet world, I did not have access to much outside pop/rock radio and network television. I knew nothing of what was happening beyond pop culture – until I discovered a late-night television show called Night Flight.

There, I ingested interviews with Wendy O. Williams, documentaries about marijuana farmers, and music that was unlike anything I had heard before. This playlist represents some of the songs I discovered there that have continued to influence my taste and sound.

Though it might appear at first listen that none of these songs was a direct antecedent to any Cowls material, I draw a lot from their individual aesthetics. From the cold pulse of Warm Leatherette (and the dancier groove of Grace Jones’s version, which I heard first), to the guitar-driven chant of Big Electric Cat, to the icy funk of White Horse, to the minimalist intimacy of O Superman – it’s all part of me now. All of these songs date from 1978-1983 (save for Outside which is of a somewhat more recent vintage).