Playlist: Neil Milton’s Singing as You Leave – a mixtape

  • Playlist: Neil Milton's Singing as You Leave - a mixtape

Neil Milton is a Scottish musician who lives in Poland. He has good taste in pets and music and rather unusual tastes when it comes to football teams! We fancied doing something a little different, so after the recent release of his Singing As You Leave EP, we asked him to give us a written and musical mood board to give us a bit more insight into the inspiration behind the five featured tracks. Here’s what he sent us.

Brexit is an unfathomable disaster. Even the most sanguine, optimistic Brexiteer must see that by now, and yet. I’m a supporter of Scottish independence and I feel twice as aggrieved. They implored – time and again – “To ensure E.U. membership, Scotland must vote ‘no’ to independence”. Many believed it.

And yet. I live in Warsaw, in Poland. An oft-queried life-decision, taken in 2010, to follow a homesick Polish girl back home. I enjoy my life here: The music scene, the summers, my partner, my cat, and my dog. And yet.

And yet.

And yet Brexit fucks all of that – and that’s just the surface. From the point of view of this musician and owner of a shambling little record label, it fucks distribution. It fucks music. It fucks touring. It fucks vinyl. In short, it fucks us.

My latest record, released just this past Friday, is led by the eponymous polemic, Singing As You Leave. It’s my own frustrated, shout at the moon as the Tories, Labour, the Lib-Dems, all seem determined to see this out.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The third track of the record is a small thank you to my dad. I wasn’t even 3 years old before he made sure I would forever avoid the Old Firm and be a fan of our local football team, Airdrieonians. You can debate whether that was cruel or not!

In anticipation of the release of the E.P., I compiled a short mixtape of music I was listening to during the month of its recording. I hope you enjoy the record itself, and the music that shaped it.

Singing As You Leave by Neil Milton was released by too many fireworks records on 14th September and  is available to stream on Spotify, as a digital download, and as a limited edition cassette tape – click here to find out more and enjoy the playlist!

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