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As part of our mission to bring you new and interesting music, we feature occasional playlists from friends, guests and contributors. Our playlists usually have a theme such as a specific genre, era, place or topic; they could be songs that have tickled the fancy of the complier, or a list of tracks and musical influences that inspired them or connected with them in some way.

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The Weekly Roundup 09.07.17

Well that was a fun twenty-four hours or so! We went to see ded.pixel play at SPARKLE which has been happening this weekend in Manchester, then after a short journey we were in lovely Liverpool for an evening of synthpop. There are many beautiful buildings in the world, but for me nothing evokes awe and art as much as the Philharmonic Hall. Perfect 1930s architecture, great sound and a novel way of buying interval drinks – I’ll let you look up that one for yourself! Watching a film or performance whilst the muses gaze down on you is quite the experience! We got to see some amazing bands at Silicon Dreams, met some lovely people and popped across the road afterwards to visit Brahms and Liszt. Much fun was had, and there’s more musical fun in this week’s choice ten cuts!

By |July 9th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 02.07.17

It was a busy week, with the day (night) job being super hectic, and then we hit Sonder Festival for some good times! There was work to be done as well, as we curated a stage wearing our AnalogueTrash hats. We had a few bands from the label play to an appreciative crowd, helped raise some money for charity and had a really good time! The Sonder guys do a great job bringing together local artists, musicians and performers as well working alongside homelessness charities, food banks and mental health charities. It’s a win-win and it was a privilege to be a small part of it! And on with the music!

By |July 2nd, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 25.06.17

Spotify has become an essential part of so many of our lives – it’s a relatively cheap/free way of listening to music for a start. For the price of a CD or a few adverts you can get access to so much music from the 1940’s to the current day. It’s made it possible for smaller bands to get their music on a worldwide platform with relative ease and to make a bit of money from doing what they love. But as with everything there is a hidden price. If you have a free account, Spotify are now trialling inserting tracks in to your playlist, for which they’ll get paid by the band or  label. On the surface, it doesn’t seem such a bad thing, but there’s two things about it that don’t sit well with me. Firstly, there’s the fact that you create your playlist and they’re monetising it, which seems rather unfair even if you have only an advert supported account. You do they work, they reap the reward – very much the Silicon Valley model of how the internet should work! Let’s face it the free accounts aren’t actually without some cost as you have to engage with the advertising on Spotify to continue listening. The second point is that they will be passing off tracks as yours and if you share playlists, blog or have people that follow what you post then you’ll be seen as affirming the inserted song as one to watch, listen to or just even that you like it. Spotify lost a lot of money last year and it’s a business at the end of the day, so at some point it needs to turn a profit even though it has a multitude options at its disposal already. At present, it seems you can turn off the sponsored song option in the trial version so that’s a positive aspect of this but things can change. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out! And now, on with the playlist!

By |June 25th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 18.06.17

Well, this week was all about work, but we did go see the wonderful Kyla La Grange during the week. It reminded me of why live music is so much fun! A few hundred people all packed in to a sweaty room full of happiness and camaraderie that can spontaneously erupt at gigs. I was impressed at the way she hung around for an hour after the gig, shooting the breeze with fans about everything from their favourite songs to her setup on stage. It’s those touches that make you feel special as a fan, you get to tell an artist what they mean to you, or chat for a bit and you’re appreciated in return. And so, on with this weeks’ playlist of musical magnificence.

By |June 18th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 11.06.17

A fun weekend full of the fun but bizarre experiences you get in big cities – singing showtunes in a cabaret bar when you should really be back home in bed was fun for one!  Conversations about babies, festivals, music and politics that were passionate but positive and enlightening were among the many highlights. And of course, picking our way through the good-natured carnage that is Parklife Festival is always entertaining – watching people dressing for clubbing but wearing wellies and raincoats because … Manchester!  We had the AnalogueTrash 8th birthday this weekend and seeing so many people that have become our friends over the years was such a heart-warming experience after the last few weeks. There was so much love being shared this weekend it reaffirmed my faith in people – there is always darkness but together on the edge of life but like the song says, We Won’t Hate.  And with that, on to music I’ve loved this week!

By |June 11th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 04.06.17

I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode and was thrilled they’d announced they were playing the UK this weekend. I’d been to see on the last two occasions they played Manchester and was hoping to enjoy their live show this time round. When they announced that there was one date at Wembley Stadium in London I knew I wouldn’t be going. Train fares, hotels, spending money in one of the most expensive cities in the world, getting the time off work; all meant that going to the gig was not going to be an option for me. There’ll be many reasons the DM played one large date – economies of scale, the size and nature of the stage show, or logistics being just a few. And in an era where touring may be a bands main source of income then it makes sense to one big show instead of a tour. In practice it is moving more of the cost of touring from the band to the customer. Ultimately that’ll reduce the overall audience for the live experience and mean many will miss out on seeing a favourite band. Maximising revenue is important these days but it always comes at a price, either for the band, their fans or both. And with that said, on to bands that could be playing stadia some day!

By |June 4th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 28.05.17

It’s been a hard week here in Manchester to say the least, and I’m still struggling to put in to words how I feel about the horror of it all. I can say is that I’ve been inspired by the reaction of so many people – the families of the victims, the people of Manchester in the way they have responded to hate with messages of love, sharing and unity. If you’d like to offer financial support to the families of the victims, you can get more details here. Like many others we’ve got to keep going so with that in mind, on with the music.

By |May 28th, 2017|

The Weekly Roundup 21.05.17

My gigging quota suffered this week, but I did make it to one in the end – even if it was one I was helping promote! As ever, there was talk was about the making and selling of music. One thing I did pick up on was the complete lack of concern about what is being described as the death of the mp3 as a medium to distribute and buy music. Of course it’s not really dead. You can still buy them, it’s the medium of choice/necessity for most people who have iPods and similar. Spotify used them in its early days but has moved on to richer formats, and musicians have never been happy with the way the file strips the track of depth and there’s even evidence that it has a negative effect on how we perceive music. Whilst musicians and the music industry will not mourn the passing of the format, there’s still some life in it and there will continue to be a role for it as long as it is the easiest way for music fans to store music on mobile devices. However, as Spotify and its downloadable functions becomes more affordable and accessible, the day the mp3 gets consigned to a technology museum cannot be too far away.  Anyway, here’s some music!

By |May 21st, 2017|
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