PLAZAS is the electro/synth solo project of Toronto-based producer Savana Salloum-Hedgecock, who has made waves with previous EP Empathy. She’s gearing up for the release of debut album Distant Desires by dropping a featured track, Night Shift.

Think Pet Shop Boys pop majesty and the more left field, ‘personal is political’ electronica of Austra, then you’re on the way to unlocking the beauty of Night Shift.

Glossy, icy yet intensely intimate, the pounding bass, darkwave nuances and futurepop synths encapsulate the blend of optimism and melancholy that can occur when loving others and loving the night in a moment of time you wish would last forever, whilst knowing all things pass.

Night Shift can also be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify, Distant Desires is due out September 28th and will also include a limited edition cassette release. Keep an eye on PLAZAS’ social media accounts for more details.