Bristol duo Polemics (Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle), have a blistering DIY sound that has seen them play Dot To Dot Bristol, Stagfest and Bristol Harbourside Festival in recent times. Now, they bring that experience to a wider audience on Conflict from the EP of the same name.

You can certainly hear a similarity to fellow Bristolians IDLES here, in large part down to the rawness and energy of the song. But Polemics take their sound in different directions: Cancer Bats and System of a Down meet Bauhaus, arch and full of righteous anger. The lyrics that rattle through a collision of political and cultural flashpoints that are given life by a searing vocal performance that can’t but help demand your attention.

The Conflict EP is out now Bandcamp. The cassette version contains an exclusive fourth track Hegemon as well as a postcard. You can get more listening details on the band’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.