Copenhagen-based PRISMA consists of siblings Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen. They say their debut single Dear Jane “is a tribute to your inner playful self”. Want to know more? Then watch the official video for the track below.

They view their music as a soundtrack to life as a film, and that’s certainly something you can pick up from Dear Jane. With a very descriptive quality to the lyrics, the duo paints vivid, animated images, delivered via the most delicate vocal performances you’ll ever hear. The track takes inspiration from folk, classical music, and jazz served up as a ballad that captures the colours of life and expresses them in musical form. Every second of the song is pure delight.

Sirid from the band had this to say about Dear Jane: “I think, we all know the feeling of having two different sides of ourselves. And we think that this polarity has to be in balance. Most of us are using the brain constantly in everyday life, and we miss the physical desires to play, laugh and do whatever our body wants to do. This physical side of us needs to be as important as the thinking one. This is what Jane is a symbol of.”

Dear Jane is out now – click here for more information on how to stream or buy the song. To find out more about PRISMA, the track, and upcoming releases, check out their social media, including Instagram and Facebook.