New Music: Prospect Lux – Troubador (feat. Madelin)

New Yorker Michael Spivack is Prospect Lux, a solo project that regularly collaborates with other artists. His latest track Troubador comes in the wake of his Cocoons EP and features the vocals of  Madelin, and sees the duo combine an electronic airiness that is representative of Prospect Lux’s signature sound with Madelin’s vocals that skip playfully around intricate lyrical stylings and sing-song rhythms. The words and wordplay are themselves like another instrument on Troubador, adding texture to an already sublime song.

You can find out more about Prospect Lux, his music and work with others on his website, be sure to check out more of his music over on Soundcloud and Spotify. If Madelin’s voice has captured your soul, her website has more treasures in store for you and you find streaming information on her latest EP here.

By |October 20th, 2017|

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