New Music: Purest – Waste My Days

  • New Music: Purest - Waste My Days

We covered Sheffield’s Purest not so long ago with their excellent track Forever and the quartet are back with another sweet slice of shoegaze goodness in new track Waste My Days.

Brisk and brilliant, the song has a confident swagger about it; a real sense of poise and purpose and a raw energy pervading each note – rather fitting as the band say the entire EP was laid down and recorded in a matter of days.

There’s a lightness to Waste My Days though, to balance out that muscular edge to the arrangement, Rollings’ vocals and the lyrics lending the song an air of dreamy determination. You could play this in a mix with the best of Creation and it could hold its musical head high.

The band’s singer and leader James Rollings described the song thus: ‘Waste My Days encapsulates the feeling of the EP as a whole. It’s our most direct song, it’s yearning for acceptance in a disjointed world. We feel close but are further away.’

Waste My Days is out now via London label 25th Hour Convenience Store on all major digital outlets and features on the EP of the same name. You can find out more about the band via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The band are set to celebrate the release of the Waste My Days  EP with a special Christmas show at The Water Rats in Kings Cross on the 6th December along with label mates THE SLUMDOGS and a special guest headliner.

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