Sheffield’s PUREST apply a punk aesthetic to shoegaze on their latest single Waste My Days, which comes from the EP of the same name. Check out the video below.

The quartet – James Rollings (guitar/vocals), Richard ‘Biff’ Bithrey (guitar), Ashley Platts (drums) and Danny Davidson (bass) take an edgy but appealing approach to the genre, giving shoegaze a level of passion and raw humanity that it rarely encompasses. As sweeping as it is dreamlike, energetic as it is ethereal, it’s a real musical tour de force from the band, and a great listen too!

Rollings had this to say about the track: “Waste My Days encapsulates the feeling of the EP as a whole. It’s our most direct song, it’s yearning for acceptance in a disjointed world. We feel close but are further away.’’

The Waste My Days EP is out now via 25th Hour Convenience Store – for news on the EP, gigs and more, be sure to check out the band on Twitter and Instagram.