New York duo R. Missing recently released their debut EP Unsummering and the band has accompanied it with a video for the track Kelly Was a Philistine. It’s not a love song, in fact I’m not sure it’s even a like song – it’s an intelligent piece about the complexity of liking someone you probably shouldn’t. Check it out.

The vocals repeat the line “Kelly was a philistine the last time we met, so why are we getting along?” throughout the song like an indolent call to arms, while the track itself drives along with a cool and icy detachment. Swirling synths and languid drums all adding to a sense of indifference while creating a sense of removal from daily life that is very much at odds with the immediacy of the song.

Lyrically it has the feel of Morrissey in his most exasperated entreaties on life’s unfathomable intricacies whilst musically it evokes heavyweights like Ladytron, Chelsea Wolfe, TR/ST and The Knife at their creative height. Simply wonderful.