Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der have released their first full-length collaborative album When This Plane Goes Down… Not even the hardship on having Der’s YouTube account hacked stopped them from releasing a video for an album highlight, Beneath Our Feet (Exit Music).

The video is a perfect match for the song: sweetly but defiantly lo-fi, a bit DIY at times, but with a real, authentic charm that shows both come from a place of love. The song’s sense of musical nostalgia is strong but never overbearing. Think Belle & Sebastian for sure, but also the criminally underrated Salad, in the way Bobbitt’s faux innocence interplays with the sparkling, slightly sinister, melody to produce something engaging yet with a frisson of danger that keeps you on your toes.

When This Plane Goes Down is now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Google Play and Spotify. You can catch up with Rachel Bobbitt on Twitter, and Justice Der on Instagram,  and keep up with news about the album and much more.