Rachel K Collier’s new track Dinosaur is a pop monster that takes aim at a long standing but hopefully expiring issue in the music business – misogyny. Check out the video – a collaboration with Swansea video producer Jamie Panton – below.

To me it sounds like there’s a real musical departure going on with Dinosaur. Firstly, Collier’s vocals are allowed to shine to a greater degree than I’ve really picked up on before. Her vocal chops were never in doubt, but here they seem to really take flight, driving the song along as much as the melody does.

The arrangement has some lush Scandinavian tones, adding to the poignant and polemical thrust of the lyrics. Dinosaur maybe have been born of some rather unpleasant experiences, but from them has come probably some of her best work.

Collier says the song came about after her experiences at a music conference: ‘It was the first time in my career that I really felt these so-called misogynistic vibes- each time I spoke at this event the Old School Producer dudes would roll their eyes or stare at the floor, they were completely disinterested in anything I had to say- it didn’t hit me til much later but then I felt so angry I had to put it into words.”

The track is out now on Soundcloud, Spotify and other digital platforms. You can find out more about the song and upcoming live dates (we’ll be at the June 4th gig in Manchester) by popping over to her Twitter and Facebook accounts and giving her a follow.