New Music: Rachel K Collier – Poison

  • New Music: Rachel K Collier - Poison

London based producer and Ableton aficionado Rachel K Collier has scored another direct hit with her new song Poison, its combination of funky rhythms and electronic beats creating a real stormer of a track.

Anyone who has watched her YouTube videos, where she outlines how she produces her tracks – you can watch one for Poison here –  can see that there’s always so much going on under the percussion and melody, dense layers intertwining with each other to provide a confident, swaggering foundation for her edgy vocals to weave their magic.

The track is out now with the track and more available on her Spotify page. Collier has also released the stems for the track so if any budding remixers and producers fancy trying their hand at reworking Poison they can find more details over on Facebook.

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