With her new album due to hit the streets soon, Rachel K Collier has followed up recent single Dinosaur with another sublime slice of electronica that’ll feature on the long player: the title track Tattoo.

A real tonal contrast to Dinosaur, Collier lets her voice do much of the heavy lifting here, probably an inspired decision given the nature of the lyrics. More brooding than her normal sound and almost drone-like until the bass and percussion take flight about 2:30 in, it shows a different, more reflective and expressive side to the Ableton genius’ usually complex and enticing take on beats and loops.

Collier had this to say about what lies behind the track’s meaning: “Tattoo is a song I have written about someone I was very close to and who we lost very suddenly. I had a Tattoo a few years ago with the initial of her name, as I felt like as long as I am alive then she would be too, as she’s now a part of my skin. The first half of the song tells the story but the second half I like to think of as a celebration of her beautiful but short life”.

Tattoo is out now and can be streamed on Spotify as well as all major digital platforms. You can find out more about the song, the album and upcoming live dates by checking out Collier’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.