With her Flashbacks & Fantasies just having dropped and a hometown headline gig on 5th of December, Tononto’s RALPH has released a cracking video for one of the prime cuts from EP, Looking for You.

A bold and very enjoyable 80s style pop ballad with a worldly twist to the vocals, Looking for You is a very modern take on finding love. With swiping and blind dates not fulfilling the emotional needs, the song is about a woman’s search for love not as a passive participant, but their own agent of change, making their own choices to meet their needs.

RALPH had this to say about Looking for You: ”(The song) is inspired by Ariana Grande and a vanity license plate – I was stuck in traffic one day and the license plate in front of me read ‘LQQKIN4U’. I took a pic and went into the studio with that as my inspiration. The words and the story just kind of evolved from there.”

Flashbacks & Fantasies and Looking for You are out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to check out Ralph on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for news on the song, live dates, upcoming releases and much more.