Derry artist Reevah aka Aoife Boyle, will be dropping her A Different Light EP early next year, but has already made public a track that’ll feature on the release, the rich and rewarding Older Now.

Though the overall sound nods towards Americana, there is within that some strong but modern Irish and Scottish folk sounds coming through in the melody and Reevah’s vocals. It avoids any tendency to look inward as can happen in those genres, but instead delivers an open and accessible sound to get under the listener’s skin. Hints of classic 70s country break to the surface at times, lending an air of familiarity to the fresh sounding arrangement and catchy melody. Older Now is an enjoyable and refreshing take on a long-established style.

Reevah had this to say about this song: “For me Older Now marks a change in many ways. I have started working with a full band and I really wanted that sound to be conveyed in this track. It’s a true reflection of my live set-up and performance as an artist. Recording this track was amazing, having the band onboard brought so much energy to the process, everything just came together really naturally.”

Older Now is out now and can be also bestreamed on Spotify. Head over to Reevah’s Facebook or Twitter socials for information on the song, upcoming live dates such as Belfast in early November, and more.