L.A. based duo Repenter’s new single Skeletons is the second track to drop from their upcoming EP which is due out later this year. Check out their dark diamond of a song below.

There’s a beguiling duality at the core of Skeletons. It has similarities to the expansive AOR rock of Heart, grand and with an inner intelligence to the lyrics and a good ear for what makes rock track tick. But that’s fused with some flourishes that are a nod to more alternative genres; shoegaze and gothic tones ebb and flow, the band imbuing them with a darker framework, giving Skeletons a sound that is both edgy and engaging.

Repenter’s Skeletons is out now – click here for more information on how to stream and download the album. To find out more about Repenter, Skeletons and upcoming live dates, check out their social media including Instagram and Facebook.