New Music: Retro Kid – Neon Colours

  • New Music: Retro Kid - Neon Colours

Jake Juba is the Copenhagen based Englishman working under the moniker of Retro Kid. Collaborating with various accomplices over the years, his latest track is called Neon Colours and features vocals from Christiane Kjærgaard. Give it a listen below – you won’t regret it.

An ode to a favourite drinking hole – the Cafe Malmö in Copenhagen – the track has a real late-night bar feel to it. The synths give it a dreamy and slightly off kilter edge, whilst the almost tropical brass sections make it sound like it is working its way steadily but amiably to the bar to score another drink.

Full of confidence and exhibiting a laid-back air mixed with Scandipop swagger, it’s bound to delight listeners with its references to days gone by, especially due to its retro sounds and Kjærgaard’s honeyed vocals.

Neon Colours is out now and is the first single from his upcoming debut album Nordic Noir. Be sure to check out some of the Retro Kid back catalogue over on Spotify!

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