Every now and again a track comes along that presses all your musical buttons; a hint of rave, a bit of house, a sprinkling of Pet Shop Boys style synthpop magic, all creating and infectious he wistfulness that reminds me of acts like The Beloved.  Retro Kid by the band of the same name does exactly that. The track has a slightly chilled out, old school feel to it without sounding dated. Watch the video here.

That ties in with what the band says about the Retro Kid project  saying it was inspired ‘by a bar in Copenhagen, Holberg No. 19, and its regulars the Holberg Crew – a bunch of elder statesmen of Copenhagen’s club scene tipping a nostalgic cap to younger hedonists’.

Oh yeah, that is who you think it is dad dancing his way through the video – Søren Malling from The Killing and Borgen as well as being a member of said crew!