RÊVERIE is an Amsterdam-based trio who say they don’t want their music and emotions to be caught up in one genre. Curious to know what that sounds like? Have a listen to i remember u to find out.

Disconcerting, dreamlike, and composed of vivid colours, the trio pushes the pop song’s boundaries with considerable verve and polish. With a cinematic, David Lynch style mood setting the tone, it has a Gothic meets Grimes sensibility to the vocals and arrangement that are as engaging as they are at times unsettling. A perfect tune for our surreal times.

Singer Sara-Devika Matyus says she wrote this song about grief. “What’s really important is the memories you have of someone or they have of you, I think there isn’t much else you can do but to ‘give yourself to someone’s eyes’, basically making yourself a memory. Sometimes it can feel like we’re all just waiting for the end of the road.”

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