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Every now and again we’ll decide that a track or album needs bit more in depth coverage than a blog post can provide. We’ll provide incisive, insightful and possibly highly subjective (!) opinions on the music, why it touched us and why we think it’ll touch you too. Featuring guest reviewers covering a wide range of genres, this occasional series will hopefully engage, interest and prompt you to explore more of the artists’ work.

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In Review: Miumi – In Static

A review of a now more than 2-year-old album by an unknown German electronica band – why would anyone spend their time to write that? The answer is as simple as it is striking: Because it is, in fact, really really good. Why? Let me tell you why! Welcome to the world of MIUMI’s 2016 debut LP IN STATIC.

By |March 12th, 2018|

In Review: Femmepop – Dancing With Myself

The title Dancing With Myself certainly seems apt for Irish artist Margaret O’Sullivan – better known as Femmepop – who actively involves herself in every aspect of the musical creative process, from composition to production to mix, ensuring that every element of her output has her personal stamp on it. This album is the latest in a lifetime of music for O’Sullivan, and follows several previous EPs and two albums under the Femmepop name, plus an EP release of earlier, pre-Femmepop, work.

By |October 20th, 2017|

In Review: Pham & Austin Paul – Ugly

Pham opens ‘Ugly’ with a lonely bouquet of deliberately delicate guitar notes to show us he is capable of creating conventional beauty. It’s natural & real, creating expectations that he immediately subverts with a glitchy hi-hat, slightly too loud & too close for comfort, like a harbinger of doom admonishing us that all may not be well here. Read more, here.

By |October 16th, 2017|

In Review: ANi GLASS – Ffrwydrad Tawel

Ffrwydrad Tawel is the most recent release from Cardiff based electronic pop musician, producer, artist and photographer, Ani Glass. The title, translating to “silent explosion”, was also the title of a 2016 exhibition by Welsh artist Ivor Davies, a bleak reflection of society in Wales, and at which Ani Glass was later invited to perform as part of.

By |August 9th, 2017|

In Review: Felt and Fur – Aftertouch

The first thing that occurs to me as I listen to Felt and Fur’s ‘Aftertouch’ EP is that it’s a bold move placing an unusual intro at the very beginning of the first song, but it certainly piques interest, and the contrast between the simple sonic melody and the moment when everything else kicks in is breathtaking. The second thing is that there’s a passion and presence in the sound which demonstrates clearly that this Texas group love what they’re doing, and that energy is infectious.

By |May 14th, 2017|

In Review: Shunya – Mountain Gazer Pt. 2

Originally from Ireland but now based in Manchester, Shunya (Alan Keary) is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with a strong musical heritage, and has been writing and producing music from the age of fourteen. Mountain Gazer is the opening track to his latest EP Mountain Gazer Pt. 2.

By |May 7th, 2017|

In Review: Midnight Mystery Club – Reason or Rhyme

Californian David Newell is the artist behind Midnight Mystery Club, who recently released their latest album, Reason or Rhyme. Read Mark’s review here.

By |April 29th, 2017|

In Review: Mark Corrin – EP II: Driver

There’s a lot of politically charged music coming out at the moment, and in a society that’s presently so divided on social and political issues, it’s a positive thing to see that people give a damn enough to make a statement; that there are so many artists with something to say and a willingness to say it. Manchester in particular right now seems to be a hotbed of great new music in general, and it’s there where Mark Corrin is based.

By |April 3rd, 2017|
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