New Music: Rhain – Time Traveller

  • New Music: Rhain - Time Traveller

Rhain hails from the Isle of Wight, and there’s something of the island mentality to her music – taking what you have and making it work, regardless of where it came from or what people will think. You can hear that in the infinitely awesome and eccentric Time Traveller.

There are times when Rhain’s vocals are quite mystifying, coming across more like a musical instrument – there were times when I thought her free-form vocals were actually a guitar solo, so perfectly did her vocal and the arrangement become as one.

The track feels like some magical meeting of Fairport Convention and Fever Ray, as traditional English folk flows seamlessly into an ocean of possibilities and permutations.

Rhain says the track was inspired by her Oupa (Dutch for grandfather). “He was born in 1925…it’s now 2018 and he’s still here, in remarkably good nick considering his age”… “He still drives his car and takes his dog out for a walk every day. When I stop and think about all that’s he’s done in his long life, it really boggles my mind. So yeah, this song is for him.”

Time Traveller is out now, can be streamed via Soundcloud and is available for download via iTunes. You can catch Rhain at Servant Jazz Quarters on 5th September and you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to find out more about upcoming gigs and releases.

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